Inspiration comes in all shapes and forms

I have recently been searching for inspiration, in all aspects of life. I am struggling with blogging, cooking, crafting, cleaning, parenting. I’m in a rut… I made a cleaning schedule recently, I am a SAHM but I have always had trouble with organizing. My house is clean, it’s a bit dusty, but its clean. I have projects all over the house and I just have too much stuff. I tend to get lazy with cleaning the windows and with dusting but it all gets done. Anyway, I made a cleaning schedule so I will try and stick to that and then things should all get done much smoother.

With blogging I have stopped thinking of interesting things to write about. My life is pretty much the same every day. I don’t mind that at all, but i’m sure it’s not things that you want to hear about. I search for blogs that will help me, my biggest help comes from Little Miss Momma…she keeps it real. She tells it like it is, but she has a lot to say, a lot of interesting things to say…thats where the difference comes in!

I used to cook a full meal every night, either to try it out for the blog or to try it for the family. We haven’t gone grocery shopping in quite a while so lately it has just been whatever is there. Mr. A just bring homes the things we need here and there. Plus the new pills that I take have really changed my eating. I am not hungry, at all. I am going to get back on track with this; it helps with a proper routine and makes me feel better about myself.

Parenting has been the most challenging, especially the last week. I am thrilled that its summer vacation. My kids thrive when they don’t have to get up early, when we can do movie nights together with snacks and popcorn later at night. I have found myself the last week yelling, way too much. I hate yelling at the kids. I hate that sometimes thats all that they will listen too. I haven’t figured out the right way to deal with them lately. They are just out of control, I realize part of it is that lack of structure that they both had for so long. I have done time outs, taking things away….nothing is working. Is this something that happens every summer with kids? Well at least kids that are my age and a bit older?

I don’t know how you guys do it…do you not yell? Am I one of the only ones out there that does, or that admits to it. I have friends that seem to have it all together…or people in blogs that seem to have it all together and I can’t figure out if its just me or if its a facade. If when they turn off the computer they are the same as me. Trying to find a quiet place to write, or to think about what your next post is going to be. I feel like I need a reset. I have been asking my husband if me and him can go away, just the two of us for one night. I want to have dinner without getting interrupted, without making it myself, and I want to get dressed up… do my hair and my makeup. I want to sleep in the next morning and order room service for breakfast, eat in bed and take my time getting up. Then maybe head out for the day to do something that we, as adults, would enjoy. That would reset my system….it would heal my soul a little bit. I will be fine if I dont get away, but I will be much better if I do.

We have been good about making playdates with L’s friends…I need to keep doing that. If I make plans then I will stay sane 🙂


So parents…. if you said yes to any of the above then I’m with you. If things are crazy and insane just remember that I am feeling the same way. And if you have something that you want me to write about then please let me know!





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