An open letter to my body

As women we tend to judge ourselves based on other people.

“I wish I was as skinny as her, I wish I had her hair, I wish I was that tall.”

I am a victim of doing it, but I also think that if I put myself in their shoes I’m sure there is something they would change about themselves.

So I decided to write a letter to my body. To let it know how much I appreciate it.

To my round curvy body,

First I want to thank you for being strong enough to grow two beautiful babies. I know that not every woman can do it and I want to thank you for making it so easy for me to get pregnant.

I also want to thank you for my generous heart. The way I can connect with people through their stories is indeed empathy and I wouldn’t have that without you.

For giving me the strength to get up at night if my babies are crying. And the ability to carry them to my room.

For perfect eyesight to see the beauty this world has to offer.

Thank you for the ears that let me hear Thunder storms when I am under the covers of my comfortable bead.

The ability to cook and bake new things for my family.

My craftiness, being able to make something out of nothing or Upcycle.

Thank you body for having rolls, stretch marks, love handles…all these things prove that I have lived. That I have experienced life.

I apologize for not loving you as much as I should have in the past, for thinking bad thoughts about you and wishing that I was thinner.
It has taken me a while to say this, but…..

I love you.


I now ask that you think about your body, write a letter to it. Thank it for whatever you are thankful for. Take the time to sit back and actually think about it.


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