When we were young….

When we are younger things are different. We have no worries, other than school. We get home from school, do our homework and then rush outside for as long as we can before dinnertime – only to hope that we can go back out after we eat.
Sometimes we did things that we aren’t supposed to,in  my case it was babysitting a dog with my best friend L. Our mom’s didn’t like the guy that had the dog (he was a little weird but he was around all the time so there wasn’t a huge threat.) We volunteered one day to look after it while he went to the store. We thought that we could keep him hidden from our mom’s but we got caught. I never heard L’s mom yell at me before and BAM there it was. I was terrified to go home.

I don’t even remember what the punishment was, but I knew that it felt like the end of the world. L and me hung out everyday and we slept over each others houses almost every weekend.

My point is that when we were young getting in trouble was a LOT different than when we get older. You can just imagine what punishments are out there.

Jealousy is also very different… as a kid I was jealous if someone got a Nintendo game that I wanted. I was also jealous if someone went on a trip that was awesome or got a new pet… I wasn’t allowed any but my cat (she was pretty darn awesome though!).
Jealousy as an adult can ruin relationships between friends or lovers. It can take over your entire world and bring you down to a place that is so dark you can’t seen to find the light anymore.

You are probably wondering why I am blabbering on about all of this. Well my parents are wonderful, they would try to teach me right from wrong, how to NOT get punished by being an upstanding individual and how to get rid of jealousy. If you learn all of these things as a kid it will help you significantly as you get older. 

I have learned how to curb all of my feelings as I have gotten older. Don’t get me wrong…I still get jealous, that one is a very hard one to learn to overcome, but I feel that I am a well rounded person.

I am going to teach my kids these lessons as early on as I can so I can prevent them from feeling the heartache that comes along with them.

The nice thing is that I have two kids, I was an only child so I didn’t have anyone in my immediate family to talk to. I always talked to my mom, we had a great relationship, but I feel like it would have been a bit different if I had a sibling. As I grew up I wished for a sibling more and more.

I have two cousins in the states with me {everyone else is in Ireland} they are like my sisters. I call them my sisters most of the time, but I always went home to my house and them to theirs. I always see that they go out, or have friends over and I was always a bit leftout {Which is very silly}.
So when I thought about being a mom I always knew that I would have more than one child. I wanted an even number because I never wanted anyone to feel leftout.
So now I have two kids who love each other. I see it everyday in the way they act with each other. The first thing my son says when he wakes up is “Can I play with L?” I can’t wait to see there relationship grow as they do. I pray that they will be best friends all of their lives.

Okay,okay…. I’m done. Most of this probably doesn’t even make any sense but I had to get out the thoughts in my head.

I hope some of you, if not all of you, enjoy!!


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