It’s a small world

I really hope that I put that song into your head. This post,however, is not about that. It is actually about the saying “It’s a small world.”

I was at the dentist today (for three hours!!) and I was listening to the technician and my dentist talk, the tech said that she was in CA last year and she went to grab formula for her 4 month old. She was walking down the aisle and ran into one of her best friend’s cousins… they had moved out there a few months before.

It really does go to show you how small the world is. Even if you just take the USA. It seems huge when driving it or looking at it on a map, but how many times have you heard stories like I mentioned above. I believe that we are all connected in some way. If you believe in the bible, God, Jesus … all of that wonderful stuff you believe that there was an Adam and Eve. If you do believe then technically we are all related in some way. We all originated from the same DNA and then broke off into our own. It’s really amazing to think about it. This proves my point before that we all have to be kinder to people in this world. I always make it a point to compliment at least one person when I go out. If I smell a perfume I like I will tell the person that it smells beautiful. If a cashier has nice earrings on, a nice shirt, or her makeup is beautiful I will tell her. Try it one day, it makes the person instantly happier and you feel a sense of happiness just from their joy. It helps our hearts to say nice things to someone and it makes us better people. If it isn’t something that you normally do then I suggest that you give it a shot, it will get easier and will eventually seem like second nature. I am working on taking compliments myself, but at least I have gotten good at giving them out.

I also don’t believe that there is necessarily just one person in the world for you. Think about when you were in your early 20’s, do you think that the person you are with now would have fit into your life? Some people say yes but others say no, that goes to show that the person you are with now is your soul mate, but they are the soul mate of the person you were at the exact moment you met them. There is a soul mate for every stage in your life… you have to decide if they are a good soul mate or just a leech that is sucking the soul out of you 😉

My daughter just came out to ask me what I was doing (she is avoiding bed time) and when I told her I was writing a post she asked me to say hi. So here it is in her own wonderful way… Hiiiiieeeeeeeeeee

Sorry for that interruption. Where was I, oh yes soul mates and life. I am lucky enough to have found a man that I am sure I will be with forever. Do we fight like cats and dogs yes, but do we make up like two people that love each other….yes 😉

If you haven’t found that lucky someone yet don’t fret. Everything happens for a reason (there I go spewing out another one). You may have crossed paths with the person you are going to date/marry. You may have talked to them, been at a ballgame with their friend or actually looked into their face and realized that you like what you see. So if you do see someone that sparks an interest just go up and talk to them. There is no such thing anymore of a guy coming up to a girl first so make sure you put on your big girl panties and get over there and talk to them. They may end up being your dream guy! Okay rant over!

I think I may have run out of things to say {Don’t worry it’s just on this topic!} Just remember that when you are sitting in a dark moment feeling alone that the world may seem big but in all actuality It’s a small world.

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