My Aha! moment…

We just got back from out Sesame Place vacation. It was wonderful, the kids had such a great time and just to see the huge smiles on their faces made everything in life just stop. There was a point in the trip that I will remember forever. We were walking to the little wading pool that J loved. On the way Mr. A asked me to look back to see J in the stroller. When I turned around all I could see was J looking around with huge smile on his face. In life there are moments when time stops, that was one of those moments. It will be forever etched in my mind when I think of that vacation.

Sesame Place is mainly made up of water, water means bathing suit, bathing suit means I’m unhappy.

Well I put on my bathing suit and looked in the mirror. I was disgusted, horrified, sad, angry, pissed off. I looked awful, I had rolls and more rolls… It just was bad. I realized that I had to fix it, like right away!

Two of my medications make me gain weight, so while I was eating better at home, or not eating at all I should have been losing weight, Unfortunately these medications are making me look bloated and just overall big. The problem is I NEED the medication and I am on nearly 3 times the amount that is “normal” to most people. I am going to overcome it though. I am focused and ready to do the work.


So now we are home, something changed in my mind and heart.  I told Mr. A that I was going to start doing the grocery shopping again because I want to start taking care of my family. I usually don’t do the shopping because it hurts my body to lift all the bags, but it is exercise as well.

I am going to start making family dinner every night. With the schedule that Mr. A has I normally don’t make a dinner if he is working. I want me and the kids to sit down and eat as a family even if he is at work.

I also want to start working on my body. We now have a kinect so I am going to start doing the dancing games. It a good fluid way of moving my body so I don’t hurt as much the next day and its a lot of fun. I figure if I do that 3 days a week to start then I will get into it. My other dream is to be a runner… I am going to try and lose so weight first so its a little easier and then I will start to condition myself. I am very excited about this! I am ready! I also want my kids to have a good role model that will be around for a LONG time.

I have an outfit that I love, its a simple romper. I have hung it up in my bedroom so I can see it everyday. I want to make sure that it is visible so I can see what I WILL fit into.

I also can’t wait to start playing with the kids outside more. They like to go out in the playground in our back yard. I will be taking them out there more to play. The great thing is that since they are getting older they are able to play with themselves. I can push them on the swings and then sit and take in all of the goodness that is my kids. Watch them laugh, smile, scream at bugs haha. It’s time that I will never get back and I am so lucky to be able to stay home with them.

So that’s…. my vow to be a better person, lose weight, and get better at household everything {Including dinner}. I hope that I can live up to all that I want to do, but I figure if I give myself goals that are achievable that I will be good. I will keep you posted on my progress 🙂

I know you are very excited to follow along. Aha!!



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