Kids are alright

Right now my son is 2 and he is such a kind little man. We all start out like that, sweet, kind, gentle hearted. What I can’t understand is where it goes wrong.
I have a ton of girlfriends that have been in relationships where they are either emotionally, physically or mentally abused. How on earth does this happen? Is it that they don’t have a stable upbringing? A mom that is raising them properly? That they got into the wrong crowd at school? I think it’s just a horrible thing that most of the girls I know have a story. Just think about all your friends and if they all had a story to tell, the numbers would be astronomical! I know I am probably naive, but I have to believe that they all didn’t start out that way. When they were born there was someone there to teach them right from wrong…. Right?!

It breaks my heart to think that my daughter will grow up in a world that this is a common thing that people hear. I can’t imagine having to endure hearing her tell me the details of someone doing this to her, or worse being in a relationship when it is being done and she can’t see it.

I also can’t imagine my son doing this to someone. I would be equally heartbroken because it wouldn’t be the person I raised.

I will reiterate again how important it is raise your kids with love and respect. You want them to look to you as a roll model and do the same thing that you do. You want them to treat people as they have seen you treating them.

It’s okay if you weren’t the best person before you had a son or daughter. It’s okay if you followed the wrong crowd in high school. What is important is that you realize that and start to work on improving yourself, to being the best possible person you can be. It may be a hard road, you may have some challenges or lose friends along the way. That is okay, if you lose people then they don’t belong in your kids lives. If you have to challenge yourself every day when you get out of bed, well you are then becoming a better person and it will be second nature one day. You will wake up one day and realize that you don’t have to work at it anymore, you are just a good person.

Please please give your kids a fighting chance, please make sure that you treat them like they are the most precious gift you have ever been given, because they are! Kids are an amazing and wonderful thing, I can think of my kids and tear up because they mean that much to me. That is how parents should feel about their kids.

Now go and give your kids a squeeze, put down your phones, or remotes and spend some time with just them. It will be their favorite part of the day and I am sure it will be yours too.

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