It’s peanut butter jelly time!

Let me take you back 1 year…I had a kid that would eat three Peanut-butter/Jelly sandwiches in one sitting. He ate all day long and loved everything.

Fast forward to today, J now eats nothing! He doesn’t eat anything that is pasta. No spaghetti, no Ravioli, no tortellini…nothing! He eats pizza and does love it, but when he loves something he might just eat 1 bite and then say he doesn’t want anymore.

Today he ate 1 bite of pizza, two pieces of hot dog and a bowl of Doritos. That’s it…. and that’s pretty much every day. I’m so frustrated because I know he has to be hungry. I just don’t know how to break through. Every night when he goes to bed he says he is hungry. That’s when he sometimes gets a little bowl of goldfish and some juice, but I don’t want to do that every night. I want to make sure that he learns that he has to eat food at dinner time. I usually get then dinner at 5-5:30 and then they get dessert if they finish. Then they can have a snack around 7-7:30 so they will be full for bedtime at 8.

I need help from my fellow mommy’s, Please! He hasn’t gained any weight and the doctor keeps giving me the look like I am not feeding him and I’m a bad mom.

Do you have any ideas? Any thoughts? Any help??



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