“Watercolor” Cup

I saw a project on Pinterest the other day and had to try it right away. It showed a  mug that appeared to have been water-colored with nail polish!

Items needed:

White Ceramic Mug
Bowl (Disposable is better)Nail Polish (The better the quality the better it will look)


Fill your bowl with enough water to dunk the side of your mug in it.

Take your nail polish and drop a few drops into the water. I used about 10 drops

Take your mug and dip it into the nail polish, I dipped one full side of my mug into the purple and  then added a few drops of blue and re-dipped.

I then put it on a paper towel to dry. Once dried you want to make sure that you only handwash the cup.

Here is the finished product

purpleblue mug

Purple Mug

*I added another color after and wanted to show you

*** On a side note, make sure that you don’t get any nail polish on the inside of your mug. You want to make sure that you can drink out of it once its completed.

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