I will be happy when….

I have watched the first season of a show called Jersey Belle and I thought it was great. There is a woman called Jaime that now lives in NC with her Husband and kids, but she grew up in Jersey. Spending most of my kid-adult life in Jersey I understand the connection. It’s not just a place its your roots, it makes you the person you are. Jersey is a state of mind as much as it is a state. Anywho…. Jaime now does this thing every morning on FB called #cawfeetawk where she just talks about things that are on her mind. A few days ago she talked about the fact that we all say “I will be happy when” and we miss everything along the way.

It completely resonated with me, I do it all the time! I will be happy when we have more money, when we get a bigger house blah blah. The problem with doing that is you miss everything along the way. You base your happiness on when you get closer to your “goal.” So does that mean I’m not happy the rest of the time? I suppose it means that I am not completely happy anyway.

She described it as making sure that you enjoy things along the journey as opposed to when you get to the location. It seems like such a simple thing, it really does, but it is hard to do. We are forced to look around and compare ourselves to everyone else. I used to do that a lot, but then I started thinking about their journey. What if they are miserable? What if they want to change something in their life just as much as I do? Would I want to trade places with the unknown or just control my OWN life and my OWN journey.

So I have basically said to myself that I am not going to be miserable, I’m not going to do the what if’s or the i’ll be happy when’s, I am going to enjoy being a mom, a wife, a person first and foremost. I am going to say that I will be happy when my kids hug me, when we color, when we can go outside and collect leaves. If I do this then it will ensure that I am happy all the time instead of the few moments that we actually get what we want. Because as Jaime puts it as soon as we get to the location of our happiness we can’t even enjoy it. We have been so stressed out along the way that we just are relieved that we got to where we were going. The problem with that is as soon as we get what we want, we then move onto the next thing that we “want” and the ugly process starts all over again.

So my fellow bloggers and friends what you should do is take Jaime’s advice. Enjoy the now, the present, the moments that you will never get back. Enjoy your kids making a mess, yelling at each other, asking you for kisses and hugs because soon enough it will all be gone and you will be sad that you didn’t enjoy EVERY minute more.
Thank you Jaime for putting things into perspective for me. I am learning slowly to enjoy everything and it is changing my view on the world.

Be the best you can be today people!!



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