Common Core… great or terrible?

So the Common Core is a huge topic of debate lately. Since this is my first year having a kid in Kindergarten I don’t know too much about how it was before, the only thing I can go off is my experience. L, in my opinion, is doing great in school. She has all “Excellent, brilliant, great job etc…” on her schoolwork when she brings it home. Then we sit down to do Math, she wizzes through it, without much help at all. The good thing about that is that I don’t quite understand the new procedures. Math has gotten completely complicated, there are 75 steps just to get to the same answer that it took me 2 steps to get too. Considering its kindergarten math its not too difficult to figure out (If if was I would be a horrible person to help with homework), but I can tell that once she reaches 5th grade I may have maxed out my math skills.

I just received a note home that told us how L was doing in school in the first month and a half. Well, we were told that she needs help with Math and Reading. If my husband was around when I got the letter I would have looked at him with a dumbfounded look on my face. She is in kindergarten right? She goes there to learn how to read (well with the help of us) and do math right? So doesn’t that mean that she would probably still need help with it EVEN at a month and a half in? I understand that the teacher has to let us know how she is doing, but I feel like we should be praising the things that they do well at this point, not the things that they need to work on. We can discuss all that at the first Parent/Teacher meeting in a few weeks. I may be looking at it all wrong, but I just want to make sure that my kid doesn’t get discouraged right out of the gate. She is a smart kid, a really smart kid, and she needed to be challenged so I am glad that she is in full day school. That being said I want to make sure that she understands that if she doesn’t read yet that it’s totally fine!

As for the Common Core, since this is my first year dealing with it, I don’t think its all bad. It means that the kids are always doing something in the classroom, there isn’t much downtime which I think will benefit the kids. I just hope that this new way of doing Math doesn’t completely confuse every kid in the country…. the way that it is confusing me 🙂


One response to “Common Core… great or terrible?

  1. Common core is a train wreck. It is way more complicated than it needs to be. The concept is to teach children multiple different ways to reach an answer and to get all kids in the country on the exact same level. Great idea! But they’re going about it in such a crazy way. I don’t agree with it at all. One plus though, is that your kids are young enough and will never learn another way so to them it will just be normal. The older kids are the ones really struggling.

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