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Every year is the same. People make resolutions and one month into it everything goes to sh*t. Here is the thing, this year (well last year) I lost my dad and my Uncle within 10 days… I will create another post on that later.

My family (well my wonderful Aunt) decided that she was going to start a group on FB for our family in order for us all to get healthy. We all have to take it how we need it I.E. losing weight, eating better etc…

I am serious about it…this is the one time in my life that I want to change, that I feel I have to change and that I don’t have any other choice.

The way I said it sounds negative, but I am actually quite excited. I feel something inside that I haven’t felt before. I feel good, I feel empowered, I feel like I can do this. I am so very thankful to have a family that rally’s together. We are so strong…we had to be to go through what we went through.
We live 3000 miles away from each other and we are closer than any family that I know. I am so proud to be part of a family that’s as close and loving as we are.

So my resolution isn’t for this year, my resolution is for the rest of my life. I vow that I will be different. I feel different because I am different. It will take me a long time to get healthy, I know its not an overnight thing but I know I can do it. I won’t weigh myself, I won’t count my calories I will just make a conscience effort to eat better, drink water, exercise when I can and not beat myself up I don’t feel good enough to workout. I will just worry about how my clothes fit, how I feel and how well my fibro is starting to be affected by the healthier choices.


Here are some other goals that I have in mind for this year:

1. Learn how to do Yoga

2. Start to Paint again

3. Stop procrastinating

4. Get my Etsy shop setup into a real and functioning business

5. Do many many many more crafts!

So guys, what are your “Resolutions?” or goals for this year???


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