Minion cupcakes for my boy

My son J just turned 3
The other day. The older he gets the sadder I get. He isn’t my baby anymore and as excited I am to see him grow up I can’t help but wish he would stay little forever.

Here is my not so little man


We are going to have a big party for him at the end of the month but for now he is having a party at school 🙂

Here is what I came up with. He loves minions! We decided to go with them for this party and Paw Patrol for his big party.

I took regular yellow cupcakes then I colored white icing with blue gel.
I took twinkies and cut them in half. I stuck a few chocolate sprinkles in the too for their hair. I then took Wilton eyes and used black decorating gel to stick one (or two) into the Twinkie. Draw a circle with the gel around the eye and then draw a line on each side.
Finish by making a mouth 😉

Here is the finished product


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