White frames are just out…

My in-laws live downstairs from us and recently moved their living room around. They now have the TV on the accent wall that is a lovely dark blue. They also moved their pictures around and hung some more up. There is a lovely picture of my husband and his brother from when they were little, but its in a big white frame. The frame itself is nice but it doesn’t really match the walls…it just stands out too much. I offered to paint it for them and decided to do it while they were at work to surprise them.

White Frame
Washcloth (or piece of material to rub paint on)
Buttercream paint for the finish
Martha Stewart Crackle Finish

I started by taking out the existing picture and glass so I just had the frame itself. I then painted the frame the same color as the accent wall, it’s a dark blue.

Once that dried I brushed on Martha Stewart’s Crackle finish…you have to brush it on thick enough so that it has enough paint to crackle. If you put a little on it doesn’t really work.

The paint takes a while to dry and since you will be putting another coat over top you have to make sure its completely dry so leave it for at least 4 hours.

After you have confirmed it dried take your buttercream paint (or whatever color you want for the top coat, it will get itself into the crackle finish and show off those beautiful cracks) and rub it in with your washcloth. You then want to rub off any excess paint so that the blue shows through.

This layer will dry really quickly, but make sure only to do it once… if you put too much paint on the crackle won’t show.

I hung the picture up before they came home and they absolutely loved it! We are actually going to redo some shelves they have as well 🙂 I will take picture of them once they are done.


Here is the finished product!!
BTW how cute is my husband (he is the older one)


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