Jamberry Nails

Ladies, do you ever get tired of just putting nail polish on your nails? Sometimes it’s not overly exciting or it gets all over, or there is always one hand that looks better than the other.

Well I have an answer for you! I recently started selling Jamberry nails. They have over 200 different styles of wraps. They take about 15 minutes to put on in total and last up to two weeks (on hands and four weeks on toes).

I tried them last night and I have to say I’m obsessed. I am in love with them!
I was lucky enough to win a sheet of Comic Book wraps (they are now retired sorry!!)

Here are my gorgeous nails!



So if you guys want more information on these awesome wraps just let me know. Most of them are only $15 for a full sheet. A full sheet will usually do at least two applications! That’s cheaper than any quality nail-polish you can buy.

Just leave me a comment if you want any more info!

5 responses to “Jamberry Nails

  1. Oh my god! I love it all…are there are any that aren’t good for short nails? I have short nails for typing at work.

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