A million things to do

MomfressionalsI am linking up with one of my new favorite bloggers Momfessionals!

I like LOVE writing lists. I have probably 10 notebooks filled with them. I write one almost everyday. I have tried to write small things, like washing dishes, and big things such as cleaning the kids closets.

I never get all my “to do’s” done and I usually feel guilty about it. I feel like I have to explain myself or think of reasons why I didn’t have time to finish.
As moms I think we all experience this once in a while. We try our best to get things done but we always have a ton of other stuff to get done during the day. Kids always come first, that’s a given and every day is different, so everyday we have to figure out our main priorities.
Well I have decided something…,I am going to change the way I do things and I hope you will too.
I am going to make my lists as I normally do, but I am going to pick just three things from it per day. They can be big or small, but three things that I know I can complete is do-able. I will then feel accomplished, feel like I have gotten things done and completed and then I will just add the rest of my “To Do’s” onto tomorrow.

I think we all need to decide that our day doesn’t have to end with guilt or disappointment. We can change our confidence level little by little.

I have included a pretty print of a To Do list that you can print out and use.


Who’s with me?!?

One response to “A million things to do

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE lists and tend to write them daily – either at home or at work. Without I would be lost – getting forgetful in my old age 😉 I’ve been known to add things to the initial AFTER I’ve done something just so I can tick it off 🙂 Love the printable 🙂

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