Together is my favorite place to be

Kids will be kids, right? They fight, they yell, they laugh, and cry. They hurt themselves, get their feelings hurt, or hearts broken. As parents, we swoop in, unable to see our children sad or in pain, and we encourage them.

We tell them that everything will work itself out, that their hearts will heal, that it’s okay to fail as long as they tried their best. We help them feel better about themselves, stand up tall, have confidence, and show the world just how wonderful they are.

Then it happens. I do something wrong or I fail at something and all the negative thoughts enter my mind. “Why did I do that? I’m so stupid. I should have known better. “

Here is my question to you… Why don’t we cut ourselves a break? Why don’t we heed our own advice and stand up tall and have confidence, knowing that we tried our best. Why do we have a different set of rules than our children?

Herein lies the problem: we tell our kids all this wonderful stuff and then we do the opposite. We are not practicing what we are preaching and kids have to learn by example. How can we expect them to take all the wonderful advice we give them if they are watching us beat ourselves up? We need a break, especially as mothers, wives, but most of all women. We need to be strong, but strong for ourselves. Strong within and having the conviction to know that we are enough and we matter.

I want my kids to grow up to respect people. To try new and sometimes scary things. To know that if you didn’t get to the laundry today, but you made a memory, that it’s all good.

Life is too short to worry about the little things or the things that are just out of our control. We need to have more fun as adults; let our guards down, dress in a princess outfit, and rock the hell out of that tea party. We need to get messy with paint, have a pillow fight, and get soaking wet while washing more of ourselves than the car. We need to have ice cream for dinner, jump on a trampoline, and go to an amusement park.

I have to remind you that your kids won’t remember the laundry being unfolded or the dishes in the sink, but they will remember the day that you painted with them and made a great memory for them to lock away.

There is a saying “dance like no one is watching.” Well, we should live like our kids are watching. We tend to do things differently when our kids eyes are on us.

Heed my advice. It’s good!

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