Pita Pizza

Since the passing of my loving Uncle this past December I have been working on my weight. I have mentioned before that my family started a group for us where we can talk about anything that is bothering us, how much weight we want to lose and how we are doing it. Well I am taking is seriously and have already lost some weight (I don’t weigh myself though  I just know that my pants are fitting better)

We, in this house, love pizza and usually have it once a week. I only have one slice and get full but I knew that I could even improve on that. I decided to try to make pizza using pita break.
I had Mr. A pickup some Flax and Whole Wheat Pita bread. I put a small amount of sauce, some cheddar cheese and topped it off with ham. I baked it in the oven on 350 for 12 minutes and let it cool for a few minute before eating it.

It. was. delicious!  Here it is in all its glory



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