What “morning me says to “End of the day me”

What would “morning you” say to “end of the day you”?

I would tell my “end of the day me” that I need to take take a minute and step back. I need to appreciate the two little birth marks on L’s neck, the specks of darker blue in her eyes, and the curls that form around her face.
I need to ask J for more hugs, listen to his voice and understand that he is still a little boy.

I would give myself a break for being tired and in pain, for not being able to clean everything that I wanted or I should have. That I was right to spend the time playing with the kids instead. I would tell myself to try to not raise my voice, try to understand where they are coming from and that the guilt, even if I shouldn’t be feeling it, will break my heart at the end of the day.

The “end of the day me” would give the “morning me” a hug and tell her how appreciated she is. To take a step back and love the day, love the kids and love myself.


What would your “End of day you” tell your “morning you??”

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