He would have been…..

He would be 61 tomorrow
He would probably be lying on the floor playing with his grandkids
I would invite them here so I could make a big dinner
We would sit around the dining room table and laugh
We would sit in the living room and have a few drinks and share stories
I would look at him with adoring eyes
I would look at him with a heart bursting with love, proud that he was my dadMy mom and him would sit next to each other because they are so in love

My kids would be climbing all over him because he is fun
He would smile that giant smile of his that could brighten up any day
He would laugh that glorious laugh that I would give anything to hear again
I would grab a hug as he was leaving and feel him squeeze me tight the way a dad does
He would tell me everyday how much he loved me
He would bring me treats from the store because he knows that I might like them
We would watch tv together on Monday’s because it was “Daddy-Daughter night”
He would make sure that on Valentine’s day that my mom and me got roses, chocolates and a card
He would make a huge breakfast every Sunday morning and wake me up when it was all ready
He would make things in my bedroom with his own two hands because I needed/wanted something
He would sleep with Duke and after he went to bed he would put a blanket over him so he wouldn’t be cold
He would work 6 sometimes 7 days a week but always have time to talk or listen
He would tell me how beautiful I was, especially on the days when I needed it most (Even if he didn’t know that)
He threw the best parties (along with my mom) for summer
He would plan day trips for him and my mom
He would take her to the city on the weekends
They would go out shopping every weekend because they loved spending time together
He would buy her anything she mentioned because he loved her so much he wanted her to have everything
He would hold her hand, kiss her every chance he got and would show me what a real marriage was
He would look into her eyes and you could feel the love, the respect, the hope of many more years together

He never made fun of people
He never talked down to anyone
Or talked about something
He respected everyone so in turn was given respect
He loved his job and was good at it
He had a best friend who were more like brothers
He ate at the same place every Friday night – Harley’s most of whom we consider great friends
He once bought the entire bar a round after finding out I got my first big job at 18
He went an entire winter without a coat when I was little because I needed things and that was more important
He moved to America by himself for a year to setup a life for us so we could move
He surprised me just before my first communion and jumped out from behind my bedroom door
He always let me climb into bed beside him if I was scared
He loved animals and treated our dogs like they were his kids

He would be 61 tomorrow. we would be celebrating as a family but he had a stroke and after 4 years he died
He would be 61 tomorrow we would be celebrating as a family but he had a stroke
He would be 61 tomorrow we would be celebrating as a family
He would be 61 tomorrow

but he is gone.

My dad, my hero, the first love of my life. I miss you, I need you, I love you

Happy Birthday.

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