Mama my hair hurts

It’s a normal Thursday and I pick J up from school. His teach (a dear friend) asked me to stay after for a bit so we could chat. I immediately think that he did something wrong, threw something or hit someone. I wish….

She took me into a private room and told me that she noticed the left side of J’s face was drooping a little. I start tearing up, the tears start to fall before I can even manage to stop them. She grabs me and hugs me because she knew that’s what I needed at that exact moment.
She said that she had the speech therapist look at J and it seemed that it was a nervous tick because he had feeling in both sides of his face and he could smile no problem. We made a doctor appointment right away and they let us know that he would have to get blood taken.
My poor baby had to get blood taken from the vein in his arm, 2.5 viles of blood had to be taken but he was so traumatized that he pulled it out and they couldn’t get anymore blood so we had to leave and make an appt for another day.
I talked to him on our mini vacation (more on that on another day) and explained the process to him. After our vacation he went back and successfully got his blood taken. He went for ice cream with daddy after and that made it all better.

The doctor called yesterday and told me that J doesn’t have Lyme or latent strep which is really good. She think its just a nervous tick, but to keep an eye on it.

Then something happened….something that changed everything. He woke up screaming last night (he does this quite often, but normally I can get him back to sleep right away.) He told me that his hair hurt and that his eyes hurt. When I touched him eyes he told me that they hurt and he didn’t want me to do it. I rubbed his head and he told me that it hurt on his left side. It hit me like a ton of bricks as he was laying on me finally sleeping. His “hair” has been hurting a lot lately

A few times last week, a few times the week before. Each time he holds his head like he has a bad headache. So I called the doctor back and talked to her…. she was worried. She actually said she was worried, which got me worried. Mother worry is the worst, you think of everything. Everything that could be wrong, but everything might be fine so try not to worry.

So I have been calling a few different Neurologist’s and found one for J. I just have to get an appt as we have been playing phone tag. So now I am kind of a mess. Thinking that my perfect little boy might have something wrong. Something might be in his head that isn’t supposed to be there and I need to know, like right now. This second and I can’t. It’s driving me crazy!

I will keep you all updated on the status, but right now I am asking for your prayers.


Also L has two cracked molars on each side of her mouth and can’t eat properly so she has an emergency dentist appt on friday morning. So please says prayers for her as well. I. am. a. mess.


Thank you xx



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