A little something about us lately…

Okay so I feel like I’m getting back in the horse. I haven’t written in wayyyy to long. I have missed it, but also wasn’t sure I had anything to say. Summer is now over and we are trying to get back into the everyday. 
L is in 1st grade! How crazy is that! There were no tears the day of, but I cried a few days before. I am so excited to see who she will be at 15. I actually have dreams about her being older and all the fun stuff we will do, but I also want her to stay 5 forever. In less than two weeks she will also be 6 and just growing right in front of my eyes. She is spunky, funny, energetic, stylish and a bit of a handful haha. 
At the beginning of summer we would have full blown temper tantrums almost everyday. My sweet husband got many phone calls of me hiding in my room crying. One day he came home and explained to L that I am the only mom that she will ever have. That if she lost me I could never be replaced or come back. She cried during the conversation, but ever since that day she was amazing. Little things here and there, but she is 5. Then school started on the 2nd. The night before we had a huge tantrum (she was nervous). The first morning went well, but the second that she arrived home from school she wasn’t having any of it. She would yell and scream and she ended up having a tantrum so bad at bedtime that we had to just walk out of the room and leave her. The second morning she was too tired because she turned her TV back on the night before and was up for tonight. She didn’t eat breakfast she didn’t brush teeth she didn’t want to talk to me and told me that she hated me. I knew she was tired, but it still hurts. This is what happens with L, she acts like this the first week or two of school because she needs to get into a new routine and when she does everything calms down. I hope for her sake that by next week all is calm.
We had a chance to meet her teacher who is wonderful. She seems like the kind of teacher that will listen, have patience and will try to break her out of her she’ll a bit. J and I miss her while she is at school. 
I am currently planning her 6th birthday party. It is Disney Descendants themed. Everyone is coming dressed as their favorite Villian (she will be Mal Of course). The planning is going well I just have so much to do. I’m hoping with the help of some friends I will get it all done and make it the way I see it in my head. 

   L on her first day of school. Look at who her heroes are. I balled like a baby when she told me. 
Then there is J, my cuddle bug, my even keeled little man. He starts three day school this year. Half days M,W,F. I’m excited to have some free time, but I don’t want to let him go. Me and him have such a special bond and it’s always been him and me home together while L was at school. It will be brilliant for him though. He needs to get out and play with other kids every week. Plus his best friend E and his other friend B will be there. Not to mention his few boy buddies that he met last year S and F whom he talks about all the time. I will have a school pic of him next week but for now here is a recent one    

 J and me getting ready to get L from the bus. 

Other than the kids starting school not too much else is going on. Mr. A got a promotion at work and the best part is that he now works during the day. His last job he worked mainly the 3-11 shift. So he is him around 3 and the kids love it! He normally goes to bed when the kids go to be bed which means mama still has me time. I started reading a lot more. I read my kindle while the kids play, watch tv, waiting for the bus and I always carve out an hour (or 3) at night to get some reading in. 
A kind of big deal is guess is that I have decided to write a book. Thank god I have a cousin (that’s more like a sister) that can get all my ounctuation etc… Fixed. Haha my style of writing is to write exactly what’s in my head. I filter it, but it’s all my thoughts which I have heard is a bit original. 
I also have been starting to focus on my health more. I am doing so much better with my water intake and I am starting to get much more passionate about working out. I am going to try to do it at home for a month. If I have the discipline then I will join the gym by my house. My friend Liz is actually getting in shape to be a bikini competitor and looks creaking amazing. She goes to the gym that I want to go to, so u have talked her into helping me out as much as she can. My main problem is that if I don’t know what a machine does I just stay away from it. I am nervous about looking stupid. It’s so silly, but it’s my thing. I have tried to just do it and use something out of my comfort zone and I get super anxiety. 
The other thing is I am applying for disability. I currently am on my appeal process of it. I am praying with all my might that I get it. Things would be so much easier in our house. I would be bringing in the mortgage payment of our, potentially, new house. Yes yes! We are planning on buying a house within the next two years. We are looking for a fixer upper since we can live here while we do repairs. I am beyond excited at the possibility of having our own home. We don’t have a long list of needs here they are:

  • A playroom – huge must have! I want most toys taken out of the kids rooms. I would love their rooms to be tidy and clean most of the time, which promotes better sleep. They can go crazy in a playroom and I can clean it once a week. Amazeballs!! 
  • A master bathroom – I want to have a. At groom that I can decorate as my own. That won’t have toothpaste spit all over the place and soap dropped everywhere. No steps tools to run into at night and somewhere that I can take a wuet bath. 
  • A bathroom for the kids and then another one for guests. I want to be able to decorate the kids bathroom in awesome kids stuff. Mr. A and I also talked about getting smaller sinks for the kids ;). Ideally I would love to have one like the Brady Bunch where each bedroom opens to the bathroom. 
  • Bigger rooms for the kids – a must. The rooms they are in now are small. There isn’t much room to do anything and it would make me so happy if the kids could have something bigger. 
  • Last but not least a craft room for mom – I want a place to put all my stuff. So I can do projects without having to put anything away when I’m done. It will be so awesome to organize and see everything I have. I know I probably have tons of stuff that I forgot about which is very exciting. 
  • Oh one more thing, I would like to have an upstairs and downstairs. I want all the bedrooms to be in the second floor. I feel like it’s makes life so much easier. There aren’t too many around here so we will have to figure something out. 

There ya have it. The house of my dreams. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for. If this is all going to come true then throw in a Viking stove please! πŸ’œ
My other new lifestyle change is staying up when I get L to school. I normally would go back to bed and wait for J to wake up. I want to be able to meals up and be one of those people that loves the morning soooo this week Thurs and Fri I stayed up when L got the bus. I had some coffee, I read the news, read some of my book and then watched a show. Then J woke up. It was great because I felt like I had so much more time to myself. I gotta say I was tired, but getting to have a hot cup of coffee in the morning alone was great. I was exhausted haha, but I think I will get used to it. The day also went really slow so I got so much done!! Laundry, cleaning, dishes it was great. So there ya have it people. I CAN stay up in the morning πŸ™‚ 

I am have a lot of mental issues lately about feeling like I don’t contribute to the household. I hate not having my own money. I hate not being able to buy my kids clothes or things that I want and I cannot stand not being able to buy mr. A a present with my own money. It has taken its toke a lot lately. Now that school has started I’m praying that I will get call to sub a lot as its not a bad check for three hours. A few days a month at least would be awesome. Praying that I will get called for a job next year.

Ahhhh huge development. I downloaded a bible app. It has the entire bible that you can read, but it gives you an excerpt everyday. I want to feel connected again. I want to feel faith radiating through me. Also L feels very connected to God and I want to nurture that. I am very proud of her for her maturity when it comes to talking about and understand God. She loves to talk about him and ask questions. I love it. 

So there you have it. A quick (okay it’s actually quite huge) post about what’s going on with me lately I have a bunch office to upload an to talk about a few things we did this summer including Sesame Place!! Woo hoo!! I missed you guys and I missed the bloggers that I have Thad a chance to read, but fear not my friends. I have already began catching up. Momfessionals is the first on my list!! 
Talk soon 


I’ll leave you with some Jamberry pics from the new catalogue. If you want to order go to Tracy’s Jamberry page  


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