Show and Tell Tuesday – Who’s coming to Dinner

Dinner Party Guests

I have wanted to join up with Andrea from Momfessionals for a while, but I have been out of the blogging life for way too long. I wasn’t inspired and I didn’t think I had anything to say. I realized about a week ago that even if what I say is boring at least I will get it out there and feel better. No one has to read it (my stats are REALLY low now), but I would love it if people did.

I go through spurts of the year where I feel much better. My Mental health and my Physical health seem to align and I get a lot done. I love it! So I am taking advantage of this alignment and joining in 🙂

The topic this week is “Who are the 5 people you would invite to dinner?”

The first is a no brainer:


Ellen! I LOVE Ellen, I can’t even express how much. I feel like she is my best friend and I love everything she does for animals and people that just need help. I tape her show everyday and she makes me laugh every single time. I can feel horrible and watch her show and in the hour I have laughed and cried and I feel amazing after.
She would have some awesome stories to tell and would make everyone laugh throughout the night. I really want to be her best friend, no really you guys!
She will definitely bring something vegan. I’m hoping for a raw cheesecake 🙂

Next would be KerryKerry Washington…. I really don’t have to say more! I kinda want to have a HUGE problem just so Olivia Pope can jump in and fix it :). She is a wonderful person, she is a strong woman and she loves to promote women standing out for what’s inside instead of what’s on the outside. I feel like she would bring something like baked ziti and wine…definitely wine!

Third is

SUPERNATURALJensen Ackles – My goodness do I need a reason? Wow, just wow. I could look at his brooding face all day long. I would make sure that I sit next to him at dinner. What? You know you are all thinking the same thing haha.
I am kind of praying that he would bring Jared along with him since they are besties. That would be ideal.
Jensen would bring beer and chips. He’s a guy… he doesn’t want to cook anything, he wants to eat it!
I love that he supports Jared with his charity To Write Love on Her Arms, a non-profit organization that helps those struggling with depression, addiction and suicidal ideation. However, he was most keenly interested in destigmatizing mental illness following the suicide of a close friend. I think its amazing that he wants to help shine a light for people that are in the dark. I have struggled with chronic depression for most of my grown up years and it’s not pretty.


Rebel_Wilson_(6707611099)_(cropped)I love me some Rebel Wilson. This girl can’t get through one sentence without making me crack up. Her character on Pitch Perfect “Fat Amy” is just so funny. I LOVE to sing, my family actually has cd’s and are known over most of Ireland as amazing singers :). I have dreamed about getting together with her and “the girls” and singing with them. She of course would bring along the bella’s because they travel everywhere together, don’t they?
She would bring something chocolaty and amazingly sinful.

and last, but certainly not least


Jamie Dornan! I feel like everyone jumped on the Jamie bandwagon when 50 shades came out. For me it was actually on a show from Northern Ireland called “The Fall.” It’s an amazing show and if you haven’t seen it I highly suggest that you go watch the first two seasons on Netflix right now! Season 3 starts at the end of the year. People gave him a bad rap bc they didn’t think he would be a good Christian Grey, but if you watched “the Fall” you would know that its a great role for him.
I just want to be able to break out my accent and talk to him about home. *(I call Ireland home since I was born there and my entire family lives there). He does a lot of work for Tiny Life. It is dedicated to reducing premature birth, illness, disability and death in babies and provides a wide range of support services to families of premature and vulnerable babies. His father is actually a founding member and is still on the board of directors.
I know he would have a lot of funny stories in regards to 50 shades and I want to hear all about Dakota :).I’m not sure what dish he would bring …hmmmmm….hopefully a good irish curry. People don’t realize that curry is one of the most consumed foods in Ireland. Every chinese has it and we normally get a Curry Chip (French fries covered in Curry…something I crave almost once a week!)

So there you have it…. the 5 people that I would invite for dinner. I hope you had fun reading and please try to link up with Momfessionals as she is AHHHMAZING and I want to be her best friend… like for realz y’all. Andrea c’mon over to NY and hang out with me and my kids LOL.

“Be kind to one another” – Ellen

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