Judgement Day

I was having a conversation with one of the mom’s a J’s school today. She is an awesome woman with such lovely kids. We were talking about her one son who likes to watch TV while the other ones like to play outside. What was so refreshing is that she actually said “all kids are different right? If he likes to watch TV then so what.” I gotta tell you if was really nice to hear, there was no annoyance or Judgment in her voice she was just telling the truth.

Nowadays I think that we feel we have to present ourselves in a particular way. Our FB profiles have to be perfect, we only show the moments when good things happen or share the nice pictures. I think we do this because we want the world to think that we are perfect moms. We don’t want to be completely honest with people, or say “the wrong thing” in fear of being judged or ridiculed. There are forums out there that I am part of for moms and they are cruel,despicable,horrible mean women! Honestly they are just awful, no matter what you say there are always a few people that will yell, scream and tell you how you are a disgusting, no good parent. I don’t even write anything anymore, there is no point. I read some of the things that these moms are saying to other mom’s that are just looking for some advice or help and I want to beat them up. People even write in the first post that they are just looking for help and to please not yell. Why on God’s green earth do we have to even put that in there? I cannot understand why a mother can’t just ask for help and get advice in return. Why do we have to make people feel bad about themselves?

Women shouldn’t be tearing other women down, but especially mom’s. Our job is hard enough, throw in other mom’s telling us we are doing a bad job (when we already think we are doing a bad job) and it just makes our self confidence go out the window. This world is hard enough to live in. It’s a sad day for us humans. The things that people are doing to each other made me actually stop watching the news. I read about it online now because I can skip all of the horrific stuff that will just make me too sad.

So today it was nice to hear that a mom was just being a mom and was comfortable enough to say that her kid likes to watch TV. Trust me it’s not like its a big deal, my kids love TV, their Ipads and Kindle’s. The problem is that people always feel they have to follow it up with something… My kid watches TV, but they are educational videos. Or my daughter loves to play games online, but they are only the games I pick out and I watch them the entire time. No, no, no…. My kid watches TV. My kid likes to play games on the computer. That’s it, plain and simple.

The lesson here is as follows:
1. All kids like TV in some capacity
2. Most, if not all, mom’s yell at their kids… you are NOT the only one
3. Sometimes my kid eats an ice pop for breakfast… it’s fine.
4. My kids like to wear their jammies all day if they are home. I. don’t. mind.
5. Whatever you are doing is fine, if it works for you then you are doing a great job. Pat yourself on the back and have a glass of wine because mama you are doing the best you can.

To all the mom’s out there… Good Job!!


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One response to “Judgement Day

  1. Every parent has a different set of circumstance, every child is different and every mother knows her child better than anyone else, what works for me may not work for you, but we can all share ideas. Have confidence in yourself (that’s a collective yourself) as long as everything you do is for the good of your children . then your on the right path. Sometimes one of the best things you can do for your children is take a little time for yourself… Be good to yourself, forgive yourself and don’t beat yourself up. As for facebook? It’s called social media for a reason, speaking for myself, I don’t want to read about other people’s problems especially when I hardly know that person. I share fun stuff, pictures, and things I find amusing, but mostly I am keeping up with family 3000 miles away. I am blessed with wonderful friends and family, so they are lucky enough to hear my tales of woe, they know when my knees hurt and it’s not a good “walking” day, they are my comfort when I need it, because truth be known 90% of my “friends” on Facebook are not the people who need to know the good, the bad and the ugly about me. Be content with your own life, sure you have given up lots of things for your family but it is SO worth it. You children will grow up in a flash. Enjoy. Someday you will look at them and be amazed at the people they have become. Life is out there waiting for you live it as best you can!

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