Apple Cheddar Panini

So I know this is going to sound crazy, but go with me here guys. 
Do you have a George Forman grill? I know, I know… Everyone owns a foreman grill. Okay so go get that out. I can wait. 
Now! Preheat your Forman so it’s nice and hot. 

Grab a roll or a nice piece of bread (please not wonder or regular square bread it’s just not right!)

Slice the roll open and let it sit. 

Slice a Granny Smith Apple into nice big slices. Leave the skin on, it tastes better that way. Try not to use other apples. They turn mushy and that don’t hold up to the cheddar as well

Cut nice big slices of cheddar cheese. I like to cut mine a bit thicker so it will be really cheesy. 

Layer the cheese and apples (if you are feeling crazy you can add avocado) 

Put the roll into the Forman as it will act like a panini press. After a few minutes turn your roll so it will eventually be touched and melted on all sides. Cut in half and enjoy 

Trust me, you will love it! 

Here is the beauty of the sandwich 


You will also have visitors who will watch you eat if you come to my house 



Please let me know if you make the sandwich and what you think  🙂 
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