Fall Leaf Tealight Holder

I love fall I know eeeeeveryone loves fall, but I do. I love wearing a sweatshirt and being cozy. I love the breeze through the house on a warm enough day, I love hot/cold coffee especially Pumpkin Spice (but I’m a fan of mocha caramel at Starbucks too). I love being able to take the kids outside bc the weather is perfect for it. Yes it’s all good! 

Another thing I love is doing crafts. Crafts with the kids, big girl crafts it’s all good. 

So here is an awesome one for you. I have been excited to do it, but had to wait for the leaves to change! 

So I walked around the street today and got myself a big bag of leaves, I also mayyyy have stopped along the way, got out of the car and taken some leaves off trees 🙂 

So here we go you will be covered in Mod Podge when you are done. Make sure you pick out the leaves that you want to use ahead of time and get them in a pile. It will be easier for you  

Step 1: get a jar, glass vase, something that is smooth and can be covered easily. 

Step 2: cover the spot you are working with heavily with mod Podge 

Step 3: cover with leaves and let them sit for a few minutes. This will ensure that they will stick to the glass and shouldn’t move around too much 

Step 4: cover your leaves generously with the mod Podge 

Let dry – roughly 24 hours to be sure. If you applied as much mod Podge as needed anyway.

After a few hours it will look like this l:



Once it’s dry add a Tealight (or votive, but that will take longer to clean out once it melts) and sit back and enjoy!

Here it is from all sides



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