I’ll show you my….

My awesome friend Katie and I are starting a collaboration each month in a series called I’ll show you my….This month the topic is family. It’s a way to get new bloggers to know us and for us to get to know some people out there that may be following along, but have been to shy to say hello! Please create a post and link up to myself of Katie’s post so that everyone can see your beautiful family’s. I will be creating a badge this week that we will be able to use. It will make sure that everything stays neat and posts can be found easier.

So without further ado here is my family that I am so proud of :
{Sorry it’s so long, bear with me – my family is awesome!}

First is my Husband Mr.A we actually met on eHarmony and fell in love instantly. Our first date actually lasted 9 hours. He is the love of my life and I am so lucky that I was able to find him at 27.

The first picture is around the time of our first date and the second is our 6th wedding anniversary this past August. I don’t think we have aged THAT much haha!

The next set of photos I couldn’t pick just one. I had to go with a few because my proudest accomplishment in life is being a mom. Its the best, hardest, most rewarding job in the world. My kids are amazing and they are growing up entirely too fast!
L is now 6 going on 16. She already has a crazy attitude, but I’m hoping that she keeps it because it will serve her well in this harsh world. She also knows that she is beautiful, but believes inside beauty far out-ways outside beauty. She has already said that she will always treat everyone the same and doesn’t understand why some kids in her class make fun of others because it “hurts her heart” (that’s one of my sayings.) She is amazing at math just like her daddy and Papa. She used to hate reading because she only likes to do things if she can do them right away, without having to “learn” it. We got her some help and within two months she is reading everything. It’s amazing! She wants to read to her brother J which I absolutely love. It’s the cutest thing to hear them both together.She loves Netflix (The kids section of course), bratz, Ever After High {Which we watch together} , Monster High, Jessie, Liv and maddie and all those shows that are for pre-teens. I also got her hooked on Full House which is wonderful! We watch it as part of our “girl time” which we do at least once a week if not more. We get cozy on my bed, get snacks, our coloring books and just hang out and watch a few shows together. Her favorite thing in the world has to be her Panda {Pandy as a nickname}. Panda doesn’t go everywhere just to bed with her, but if she doesn’t have him for bed she doesn’t sleep. She also likes to hold him when she’s sick or is really mad {usually at me of course.} Panda has been around for 5 years and has lost a few eyes because of our dog Duke. He loves to eat buttons or eyes off anything that we leave around.
The one thing that people know her for though is her hair. She has the curliest blond hair and it looks perfect however it’s done. She loves dresses and shoes and always wants to be “in fashion.” Modeling is our next move, I just have to figure out a way to get into the proper way.

J is a total mama’s boy and its wonderful. Every time he passes me he makes sure to give me a hug. I know that one day that may change so I am soaking up all the hugs I can at the minute! He loves cars, dinosaurs, toy story and minions. He loves “Wiggle Wiggles” which are the things you put in the sunlight and they dance back and forth. He has, I think 12, in his room. He also loves those giant pop dolls. The ones who’s heads bobble. He loves Star Wars and Darth Maul is his favorite character which is hysterical. He loves to play Wii and is really really good at it. Video games are probably one of his favorite things.He calls Super Mario Brother’s – {Mario Walking} because he started out playing Mario Kart and Mario obviously is only driving in that. Makes total sense right šŸ™‚ That is his personality.

He is sweet and caring, he loves his sister but sometimes drives her crazy by telling her she can’t kiss or hug him. He used to eat like a linebacker, but when he turned 2 he basically stopped eating everything. He eats mostly snacky things, but will eat {when he feels like it} PB&J, or PB& Nutella, french fries, he started eating nuggets again last week and he will always always eat steak. It’s his absolute favorite meal. With that being said the only thing on his plate is Steak, ketchup and “dip dip” which is Ranch dressing. He does love fruit and will eat that almost anytime I offer. Strawberries never last long in our house with the two of them and that’s with getting a 4 pound container! The last thing that he will eat all the time is yogurt, so the doctor said as long as he keeps eating like that and drinking properly then he is fine. I’m really hoping that by 5 or 6 he has grown out of it because dinner time is AWFUL!!! He isn’t attached to any toy or blanket like L is and doesn’t care really whats in his bed at night. He likes to have a few certain things in there, but nothing in particular. His favorite thing to do is “Watch bideo’s on the iPad.” Mr. A aka dad was smart enough to grab a few iPad’s off ebay so everyone in the house has one (plus one extra.) We also have kindle’s but no-one is allowed to touch mine because I always have a book up and I don’t want anyone messing with my books!! The video’s he watches are on kids you tube {So trust me parents there isn’t anything on there that is yucky or bad that he would get into.} He likes to watch videos of people playing the games he plays on his iPad or the Wii so he learns how to do things. The biggest one is Minecraft because myself and my husband didn’t have enough patience to learn the game. Also if we did something that J thought we shouldn’t have done he would tell us that we were bad at it and would take it back.
So yes those are my kids in a not so small nutshell. What can I say, I could gush about them for hours so be grateful its just this!

Here are pictures of my babies!!


Oh my goodness they are just so cute. We are all crazy in this house as you can see from some of the pictures. I just have a few more people/Pets to introduce so bear with me
My fur babies come next (get it – bear with me hehe). I love them like I love my kids because they are part of our family.

Duke was the first dog that I got when I was by myself. He was so wonderful to come home too. I had an awesome condo, it was right on the side of a mountain that was used as a ski slope. In the winter we would just sit at the window and watch people ski. I loved it there. I had Duke before I met Mr. A so we have a special bond. He would protect me with his life and I have no doubt about that. No one can walk into the house without me first doing a full routine with Duke to get him used to them. He is 125lbs and still thinks that he is a lapdog. Its the greatest thing, I love every minute of it. At night when it’s just me watching tv alone he comes over and cries until I let him up on my knee.
Everyone knows (or should) that dogs are great around kids. From the second I brought L home both dogs started to protect her like she was theirs.
When I brought J home though it was a little different. Duke took to him like they were supposed to be together. When J started to crawl Duke helped him around. When J started to walk Duke was there for J to use to hold onto so he didn’t fall. And ever since J could laugh Duke would do the strangest thing…. He would cry. He would do that whine that dogs do when they are crying. Every single time he laughed. Now he does it when both kids laugh because they sound exactly the same. šŸ™‚ I have caught it on video a few times and people can’t believe that he is actually crying haha. J has been kissing Duke since he learned how to do it and will lye with Duke in his dog bed with his iPad for hours. Duke always ends up with his head on J’s back or belly. Duke is half German Shepard and half Rottweiler. Mostly the reason why he is so loyal !

Then there is Hailey, she is our Golden Retriever. Mr. A and I got her as a gift to each other for our 1st Thanksgiving. Duke was having separation anxiety and the vet thought getting another dog would help. It didn’t take me long to convince Mr.A. It’s a shame I can’t convince him again now to get another dog! Well it worked! Within a week of Hailey coming home Duke stopped all his anxiety stuff. He was completely fine which made me so much more comfortable leaving the house.
Hailey is a complete and utter mushball. She loves everyone. She tries to lie on top of whoever is in the house, she jumps up on them to smell their face, and tries to kiss everyone. If you don’t pay attention to her she will use her paw to try to move your arm or will put it on your leg. It’s not fun however when she gets you in the face. She isn’t the brightest penny in the jar, but she makes up for it in spirit. She isn’t a puppy anymore, yet still plays as if she is one. She has calmed down a lot in her older age and can now sit with me on my lap comfortably. She used to try to sit with me, but would just get too excited and would try to keep changing positions. Now she just sits and goes to sleep. It’s wonderful because I love having her sit with me as well. She is also great with the kids, I have never had to worry once about the dogs and my babies.
Here they are – Duke is the Black dog and Hailey is the Golden one šŸ™‚


And if I am talking about family I can’t go without talking about two of my best friends. They both have been there for me when I needed them the most. They have watched the kids, or taken me to doctors appointments and there is never a doubt that if I ask them for help they will be there. I love them like sisters and always will!

Shelby I have known for about 4 or 5 years. The kids call her Aunt Shelby. The great thing is that she has been around long enough that she was around when J was born. I am so happy that our paths crossed, sometimes fate just brings you together. She is with an amazing guy that makes her unbelievably happy, which in turn makes me the same. I am so happy to have her in my life. I wish I saw her more, but we will make sure to remedy that :)!

Last but not least is my soul sister Shiela. We haven’t been friends for that long, but I am convinced that she and I knew each other in a past life. We are so much alike that even my husband and her Fiance call us twins. I immediately knew that she was going to be in my life forever and the best part?? She felt the same way! Sometimes I get pretty gushy with my feelings and every time I do, she always says that she feels the same way.
She even bought me an Alex and Ani bracelet with a horse on it {which represents the Kentucky Derby} just because she remembered I loved horses. What was wonderful about that day was that I had bought her a necklace as well! They say Great Minds think alike.
There are a few other great things about our friendship that I love:
1. I asked her to play Guitar Hero one night and her and her amazing fiance are now hooked and we all are planning on playing together, but anytime she and I hang out we always play!
2. We love the same bands, not one or two but like every single one! How is that even possible!! On the way home the other night we sang together the entire way home and it was epic. Like seriously one of the best times I have had in a long time.
3. She likes wrestling, and while I still know who is doing what and who is not I don’t really watch it anymore. The good thing is though I know who she is talking about and I can now watch Wrestlemania with her because I never had anyone to watch it with! Plus she said that she is the only girl there and now she will have ME!!!
4. And possibly the best thing ever is that I now have someone to share clothes with. I know you are saying to yourself yea yea Tracy, all friends do that. Well no they don’t!
Katie is a skinny bitch and she knows it šŸ™‚ and all my other friends are too tiny for me to fit into anything they had. Shiela and I are basically the same size {And must I say we look Daaaaayyyuuuummmm good!}
The other night we went to a fashion show – I ended up wearing a brand new dress that she had and she ended up wearing a brand new tunic I had. It was so much fun! Okay I think I am done ranting about my amazing family. Here is a picture of my soul sister and then a few randoms.


So go ahead and grab your computer or iPad, start writing a post about how wonderful your family is and make sure to include photos. Make the title I’ll show you my… and then make sure to link it back to both of us or to just one of us. I know you want to gush about your family so go for it!!! Hopefully we will get a good few people that start to join us every month.

Stay Positive and make it a good day

Tracy aka MomOfTwosalums

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