I’ll Show You My…Tattoo’s!!!!

This month we are doing our I’ll show you my on Tattoo’s. Head on over to Katie and Chrissy’s blogs to check out their posts as well. Also you can grab this pretty badge and add it onto your page and link back to one of us if you want to join in.



Anyone that knows me knows that I love tattoos. I have a ton already and I already have two, three or four planned for the near future. All my tattoos either have meaning or are of something I love (Dragonfly’s for example).

I got my first tattoo when I was 18. I had been thinking about going for a while and one day just said screw it I’m going to go tonight. I called and made an appt and went in and picked something off one of those boards. It is a Celtic knot “tramp stamp” lol. Being Irish I wanted to go with something that had meaning. I will touch more on the D.K. in a bit!


My next tattoo I picked out long before I got it. I couldn’t wait because I loved it for almost 6 months before I had the appt made. It’s still one of my favorites. And my tattoo artist Chris used the color of my eyes to color the eyes of the lion.

lion tattoo


I can’t really remember the order of the next few so I will post the pics and just tell you what they are mean. I will try to keep them as close to the right order as possible. I used to make a lot of money before I became a SAHM so it was a lot easier for me to actually pay for tattoo’s. HAHA.

I was born in Ireland (as I’m sure most of you know) so the shamrock was a no brainer. I also hate feet so I wanted to make them pretty, I went with the butterfly because I loved the detail and butterflies and dragonflies are two of my favorite things.


I was married before Adam…. this is my ex husbands police badge. It will be covered by a very intricate Celtic cross, but I can still appreciate the beauty in it. The D.K. mentioned above was also his initials. They now stand for Donkey Kong since my kids love Donkey Kong so much šŸ™‚

Once my divorce went through with my jerkoff ex I went out and got these which I had planned from the start of the divorce


When you put them together they become a butterfly. It was like rebirth after getting rid of some really disgusting baggage.

The dragonfly’s are something I have always connected with and I actually got the one in the middle with one of my close friends. That’s the only tattoo (so far) that I have that matches anyone else’s.
The one on the right is my Celtic Sisterhood tattoo on honor of my friend Lyndsey,. If you look at it you can see the two women holding hands and their hair is what creates all of the design around them. It’s still one of my favorites šŸ™‚

The rose is on my shoulder and is actually a copy from a picture I took while at Blarney Castle.

Ahhh the ladybug’s… it’s our little family. I called L Ladybug when she was growing in my belly and her entire bedroom was done in a ladybug theme. When she was born I went ahead and got a mommy, daddy and L done and then I added J when he came along šŸ™‚


My boy, my love, my Duke. I love this dog so much I can’t even put it into words, but tattooing him on my leg will probably give you a good idea. This one is so impeccably done. Chris my tattoo artist (that has sadly moved to Florida) is the most talented man I have ever known. We have such a connection as friends as well that I am completely honored to be in his life.

This is my Cherry Blossom/Owl Tattoo. I have loved owls and cherry blossoms for as long as I can remember. There is a little owl for each of the kids sitting on the branches. I still have to get the entire background colored, but for now it at least looks finished.

and last but certainly not least is my Irish tattoo. This one has significant meaning because the day I got it my dad actually had his Stroke. It was a few hours after I got home that I received the news. It means “I am of Ireland” and reminds me that life is short and that we need to cherish every moment.

imageAnd that is it! I feel like I missed one, but I double checked and I dont believe that I did. I will be getting a few more soon and when I do I may do a second post for all who are interested.

I hope that you will take the opportunity to join up and do your own “I’ll show you my…tattoo” post. We do them the third Wednesday of every month so just check that day to see what our topic is and get started with your own post! Let us know once it is up and we can link to your post!!


I hope you enjoyed getting a look at all of my work. I enjoyed showing it all to you.
Stay safe and love one another



3 responses to “I’ll Show You My…Tattoo’s!!!!

  1. oh how fun! I have a tattoo, and then I had my baby, so it’s right by my stretch marks! I actually hope to get a tattoo for each of my children, with the flower of their birth month!

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