What Religion Means to Me

I am back collaborating with my kick ass friends Katie and Chrissy this month.
The topic is Religion and what it means to us….. well what it means to me 🙂


I went to Catholic school all my life. I started at the Convent of Mercy when I lived in Ireland. We moved here and I continued the trend, but I loved catholic school. I only had 8 people in my class when I graduated 8th grade. I only had 49 when I graduated high school and I was friends with every one of them. Since it was catholic school we went to church constantly. There was one attached to my high school building so we would go there quite often. We did confessions, mass, choir… everything a good catholic girl does.

When I got a bit older things changed a little. I didn’t like the fact that my priest had a beach house, a Harley and two cars that were more expensive than most of the cars in my town. I didn’t like the way he said mass and didn’t congregate with his parishioners after mass… so I stopped going to church.

That doesn’t mean that I gave up my religion though. I know there is a God and I know for a fact there is a heaven because of the signs and messages that my dad has sent me. I know there are angels and higher powers that look over us and watch us. I have come to believe that much more since my dad passed away. Before that however I still believed, I still say my prayers every night and pray for those who have asked me to for a sick loved one. I will have my own conversations with loved ones that have passed, God and now my dad (although i’m working on that one because its still hard to talk to him knowing he isn’t here.)

Religion is a crazy thing, I don’t really enjoy talking about it and I couldn’t really put my finger on why THIS collaboration bothered me so much. Then it kind of hit me…. I grew up in a county that was at war because of religion. I saw things that I shouldn’t have seen or had to know or worry about at the age I was. The thing is that  when I was there it wasn’t even that bad, it was almost “over” (it will never be over). My parents however had seen horrific things. My aunts and uncles had to live in the most beautiful country I have seen and deal with all of the things around them. When I go to Ireland now I see green all around me, but when my parents were there the country was just grey.

I have faith, I have hope and joy and love in my heart. I have religion and I believe that when you have a religion it helps you feel closer to something. You feel like you are a part of something and that you will never be alone. You will always be heard and that life is setup in a way that when it’s your time there will be a line of family members waiting to greet you and welcome you into their arms. I am lucky to believe in such a thing. I embrace being an Irish Catholic in every way.

I hope that you will take the opportunity to join up and do your own “I’ll show you my…” post. We do them the third Wednesday of every month so just check that day to see what our topic is and get started with your own post! Let us know once it is up and we can link to your post, the more the merrier 🙂

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Have an amazing day!!

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