I’ll show you my holiday decor

This months “I’ll show you my” has to do with Christmas decorations. Checkout my friends posts as well. Katie, Christina, Dara, Danielle I love Christmas, I have so many great memories with my parents and family over Christmas. 

We normally decorate a lot more, but this year we scaled it down a bit. Once we get our own house we will go all out! 

Here are the decorations we have up 🙂 

This is the painting I just finished at my Moms Night Out. 

Our Stockings 🙂

We had to get a new tree this year because we had no room for the old one. Since we added some furniture it wouldn’t fit anymore. 

This tree is perfect because it’s still nice and tall but it’s skinny. All our ornaments still fit and people can see it from outside. 

Here is a close up of some ornaments. The one with my dog Hailey is bittersweet because she just passed away on Sunday. More on that later. 

The Snowmen ornaments are from the kids. The one with the pointy nose is the one Jack did this year and the other one Lana did in 2013! 

Here are some other Misc ornaments around the house. 

I wish I had more energy so I could enjoy the holiday a bit more, but I’ll work on that for next year. 

Go ahead and link up with our posts – we do one every month!!

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