Mommy woes

Let me start off by saying that I love my life. I really do but, sometimes I feel as if I am supposed to work, be a mom, the maid and the chef all in one.

As far as work goes I do only work PT. Most of that is because it is way too expensive to send two kids to daycare. If I did there would be no point at going to work and I do like where I work and who I work with.

I don’t know it just seems like my other half ( and this certainly isn’t all the time I am just venting ) gets to come home and go to bed and get up to a home cooked meal. I am the only one that thinks about cooking or what to cook. I clean the dishes after dinner and put them away. I clean the livin room, dining room, bathroom, kids room. I don’t get holidays or sick days. I know all moms do the same thing but I want to know why. Why is it that it’s just expected that we do all this. Mr A does help clean and take care of the kids I am very lucky in that respect but, most of the time it’s all me. Just me battling an 8 week ongoing migraine, legs and toes that are numb and a back that is so bad I can barely bend over without secretly ( not anymore ) tearing up.

I love being a wife and mom but there are times when I wish someone would take care of me if only for one day.


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